Oxford PB2 Ceramic Top Table

Product Description

An environmentally friendly, light, easy to clean, heat-resistant, UV-resistant finish, the gorgeous ceramic top on the Oxford table is completely scratch-proof and 100% natural product made from clay, feldspar and mineral pigments.

Tables are priced per top finish. K1, K2 or K3

160cm x 95cm K1 £2598-, K2 £2798-, K3 £2998-
180cm x 95cm K1 £2758-, K2 £2938-, K3 £3098-
200cm x 95cm K1 £3098-, K2 £3298-, K3 £3478-
220cm x 95cm K1 £3358-, K2 £3538-, K3 £3698-
240cm x 95cm K1 £3598-, K2 £3778-, K3 £3958-
260cm x 95cm K1 £3898-, K2 £4078-, K3 £4259-

Ceramic tops are available in 6 colours. Click here for details.

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